Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How I Cut This Deal

Hello everyone!!!  I'm Sharon and soon you will be learning why I'm blogging... no really, that's what the point of the first post is... right? 

Anyway, here's where I start, being 24 isn't easy, and so I realized this in a big way yesterday.  My boyfriend, Scott and I have been together for about a year and a half now and let's face it, we are unhealthy.  We watch tv, go to work, eat out, and sleep.  We're what you would call lazy.  Being bartenders didn't exactly set us up to be the most health-conscious people.  We turned into fried food eating, booze hounds.  So after quitting our bartending jobs and relocating to Bangor, Maine where we lived before, we picked up some new service industry jobs (well, I went back to an old one) and we embarked on our next page of life.  After falling back into our old routine we were comfortable but less than happy.  It hit like a hail storm yesterday when I tried putting on shorts that I bought last summer.  Not a single pair fit.  I tried 12 pairs of shorts and not one would go on.  Obviously I broke down bawling my little eyes out.  My boyfriend being the supportive figure he can be said we need to start being more active.  I told him I hate him and locked myself in the bedroom.  After my tantrum wore off I realized he was right, but our eating habits needed change as well.  So I set the alarm for the next morning and came out in the living room and apologized.  Then I told him we need to eat better if we are going to exercise.  So he agreed.  And here I am blogging about it.  I figure if I write about it and make it public it'll make me want to do it since I haven't written in a while and also I have something to prove myself to besides myself and my boyfriend.  So soon you will be reading about my adventures in healthier food and exercise.  So here's to my self-revamping plan.  (And hopefully fitting into my old shorts by August.)

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